A Diabolical Liberty….

A cautionary tale to celebrate halloween 2012… Enjoy!

Halloween Videos and Crafty Little Halloween Guys

Hi everyone. Well as you can see I started adding halloween themed videos!  The videos were coming in automatically to start with but I have disabled that function and I’m vetting every video because there are some truly awful things out there and definitely some of those horrid videos will NOT be getting on this site.

Rest assured I will view everything before it gets published so you won’t see anything I don’t approve.  There are some ghost story videos and some of them are scary!  As you will know from some of the other content on the site, I am a fan of M R James and it’s lovely to see some of the classsic ghost stories on video with Christopher Lee introducing them…

On another subject I have linked to a few little halloween themed characters – all of these are free to download so this just collects them in one place for your convenience.  Some are really simple to make and others a little more complex – lots of fun though and make great halloween decorations.

Halloween Papercrafts

There are lots of brilliant people producing themed papercrafts and many are free to download and use. Here are a few you might like together with links to the sites they are provided by. These crafts are really clever and fun and good for getting into the halloween “spirit”…

Give them a try and make lots for your halloween decorations or maybe use for a party game.

You will need to check the templates – they need to be cut out so you might want to play safe and make sure this is supervised or cut the shapes in adavance for younger crafters.

An amazing source of papercrafts – these are all from cubeecrafts:


Get it From:






Jack Skellington

Get it From:








Vampire, Ghost and Jack O’Lantern

Get it from:






Get it From:








Check out these cool Badcats!


Get it From:









Count Catula

Get it From:









Found this cute paper craft halloween squid at zooguu. Great fun!


Get it From:






RIP Candy Dish – scary!

Get it From:








Have fun crafting these!

For the videos – here’s the link to the video page

Halloween 2012 is Almost Upon Us!

halloween 2012

the season of squash...

Yes it’s that time of the year again when the slightest chill tinges the air and a shivery excitement begins to build…. it’s less than 2 months to Halloween!  Yippeee!!

To celebrate, I’m introducing a new feature on the easy halloween crafts website… Check out the pages menu above and click “Video”.  You now have acess to a growing resource of all the best halloween craft and halloween fun videos!  Cool right?

Hope you like the new feature and find it useful.

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